Trading in Guild Wars 2

Trading in Guild Wars 2

Trading directly between the players in Guild wars 2 do not really exist. The idea is that everything should be handled by the so called Trading Post, which caused quite a bit of trouble in the land of Tyria when the Trading Post simply did not work at all during the first week. It's online now but there's still a few problems with it now and then, but most of the bartering problems should be over by now. If you want to sell something to a friend and not have to go through the Trading Post the best way is to do it via the mail system. However, there is no security there, but you can only hope that your friend is not stealing your item without paying. I hope that ArenaNet realize that a COD system (cash on delivery), which requires that you pay to pick up his package is something that only enhances safety and that it would be a great addition to the Trading Post. But keep in mind that the Trading Post takes a fee of 15% when you sell items, and that can make selling items really expensive in the long run. If you want to learn more on how to make gold on the Trading Post by selling and buying items you should check out this gudie over here

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide – Make Gold using the Trading Post

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