How to get Guild Wars 2 For Free

Guild Wars 2 - The Unique & Flawed Diamond.

Guild Wars 2 isn't like MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or SWTOR (eventho, swtor is going for the semi-free model that LOTRO uses) where you got to pay a monthly fee in order to play the game, in the guild wars 2 world there's no such thing as a monthly fee or a subscription, it's like any other video game that you buy for your console, you buy it and that's it, but it's possible to get more stuff and content if you pay, in console gaming that is DLC packs, but in Guild Wars 2 they have a gem store that's filled with fancy things like cosmetic items and boosts that you can buy for gem (which is obtained with real money) This makes GW2 a unique MMO, there's not many games in the genre that has this much content and updates and still don't have a monthly fee.

How to get a free copy of Guild Wars 2 

But what if your super poor, like many of the gamers of today? Paying $60+ is a lot of money if you ask me, and if your not sure if you're going to play this game that much and just want to try it, then $60 is a lot for a PC game. But there's way of by-passing this. I myself got a copy of guild wars 2 and a copy to my girlfriend using a simple and fantastic site called Points2Shop, this site let's you earn rewards by doing simple task. You can find a guide that talk about everything you need to know about getting Guild Wars 2 for free, you can find it over here: How to Get a Copy of Guild Wars 2 For free

What ells is unique for Guild Wars 2 as a MMORPG?

So what ells make Guild Wars 2 unique from all the other MMORPGs aside from that the game has no monthly fee. The whole game is more focused on having fun and a great time exploring the huge world of Tyria then having to grind for gear, the gear in GW2 isn't that important, and in later parts of the game (end-level) it's more about having items that look good then having items that will kill your enemies in one hit (like in WOW) Not everyone thinks this is a good thing, but for me as a gamer that don't have time to grind for hours and hours each day in order to have a decent change in PVE & PVP.

The PVP in Guild Wars 2

Let's compare PVP in Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft for example. In WoW you need to grind for hours and hours in order to get some good PVP gear so you can have some fun inside the battleground, and in Guild Wars 2 there's so much different, in Guild Wars 2 everyone has access to the best PVP gear and instantly gets the max level, so everyone has the same starting point but of course you can customize your character so it suits your play style and tactics, This makes the whole game about skill and not gear. So is this a good or bad thing? For me it's a good thing but I can imagen not everyone thinks like me, but at least we have a new MMORPG that dears to be different to all the World of Warcraft clones out there.

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