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The mesmer is one of the hardest classes to master in Guild Wars 2, but it's also one of the most powerfull professions in the game, so trust me, learning to play the mesmer properly in pvp is so worth it because it's one of the best PVP experience you will ever get. All I can say is, get ready to own!
On this page I will show you some epic Mesmer PvP gameplay, some great mesmer players owning it big time. And keep your eyes opened because watching other peoples gameplay is one of the best ways of learning how to play a specific class in Guild Wars 2. And most of the videos down below do a great job explaining why and how they play with their Mesmer, the videos are both educational and a lot of fun to watch, so let's get ready for some amazing Guild Wars 2 PVP. 
(I'm not the creator or owner of any of the videos down below, I'm just a fan of them)

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP - Phantasm Duelist Build Commentary

We start off with a commentary video with a Phantasm Duelist PVP Build, the build isn't 100% up-to-date with all the latest patches and nerfs but the guide is still good and really entertaining to watch.

Mesmer PvP Montage by BringYourFriends

This video is simply a montage of epic gameplay with the mesmer in PVP, it's no commentary so you might not learn a lot but you will still see some nice kills and maybe get motivated to start your own Mesmer or improve your game style and get as good as this. Great Action and great music!

Shatter Mesmer PvP - Guide and Commentary

Here's another great video about using a Shatter Mesmer Build, the video is about 20 minutes long so it's a heavy video in many ways, but you get a lot of great info and advice in those 20 minutes. He also shares his build in the video description so you get play the build he uses in the video if you want to do that. Highly recommended video if you want to improve and get more serious about your Mesmer Gameplay and PVP.

More Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Builds

If you want to get better in PVP with your Mesmer it's important to have a good and solid build. If you don't have a good build it doesn't matter how good you are at the game, you will still get beat down by those who have both a great build and can master the game. It's also important that you don't just copy and build out there, instead you should see ready made build as a source of inspiration, because we all play Guild Wars 2 differently, so don't adapt your game style to a ready build, instead adapt a ready Mesmer Build with your game style, making it your own, maybe replace a few skills or traits, swap a weapon, replace a rune or any other change, it doesn't have to be any major change. My best advice would be to take a ready build that you find online (you can find a handful of great builds for the Mesmer over here Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Builds PVP & PVE) play with the premade build a few PVP matches and take notes what works with that build and what doesn't work for you. Then just tweak the build until it suits you perfectly. Like I said before it doesn't have to be any big changes but some changes is always needed, because we all play this game differently. Good luck and happy hunting!

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