Guild Wars 2 Gems & How to get Free Gem Cards

Gems in Guild Wars 2 can be a amazing thing. I'm going to talk about some of my personal favourites in the Guild Wars 2 Gem Store and what I think is worth buying and what's not, and I will also talk about how I get my gem cards for free using a simple little guide. But first things first.

guild wars 2 gem store
Guild Wars 2 Gem Store

My Personal Top List of Items on the Gem Store.

The Boxing Gloves - These cosmetic items are fantastic fun! You can acctully hit people with these and then the gloves makes a cartoonish Pow!-effect! I included a video of the blows down below. (I'm not the maker of the video) These bad boys will cost you 300 gems


The Top Hat - This next item is a must for all you classy players of Tyria, the top hat is one of the most stunning items if you ask me. Are they worth the 200 gems that they cost? Hmm...for me yes, but I would understand if you don't think so, this cloth hat is for me a fantastic little item :)

Dye Packs - These items might not be the most fun items in the gem store but what would the world be without colour?! I love dying my armor with some dashing colours, and I actually made some nice gold using these dye packs selling dyes on the trading post, but keep in mind that the dyes you get are random, so it's a bit of a gamble, don't expect to earn gold buying these packs. You get 7 dyes in these packs, you get 5 common and 2 rare or uncommon dyes and they cost 200 Gems/pack.

Karma Boosters - These boosters are acctully a must now in the new update of Guild Wars 2! Now that you get Jug of Liquid Karma with the daily and the monthly achievement, you can use the Karma booster to get a 50% Karma boost when using the Jug of Liquid Karma, this combo will give you a huge amount of Karma.

Character Slot Expansion - I like playing and testing all the classes and profession of Guild Wars 2 but it's a shame that the characters slots are limited to only 5 slots so that you can't have one of each class on your account. With the Character Slot Expansion you get one more character slot for 800 gems, so yes it's very expensive but if you're like me who like to play a lot of different classes and love to level up and questing, then this is for you.

This was my personal top list of the Gem Store in Guild Wars 2

How to get Free Guild Wars 2 Gems

So now on to the good part, how you can get a bunch of GW2 gem cards for free, I do this by following a simple guide. Be aware that the guide is a bit time consuming and requires you to do some work, so don't expect that someone is going to hand you a bunch of gems just like that, it's not going to happen. It's like everything in life, you need to work some to obtain what you want, if this doesn't sound like something for you I suggest you go ask your mom for a guild wars 2 gem card instead. 

For the rest of us who knows that nothing in life is handed out without something in return this is the guide for us. Thou the guide IS 100% free and it won't cost you anything to read the guide or get the actually gem cards, see it as your time in return of these fabulous gems. You can find the guide over here, both these guides works just fine, you can check out them both out.

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