Guild Wars 2 Winters Day Event - Preparations & Expectation

Guild Wars 2 WintersDay

Christmas is coming now in december and christmas is also coming to the world of Tyria, or atleast the wintersday event is coming to Guild Wars 2. We don't know alot about this event but what we do know is that the event will start on the 14th december and continue to the 3rd of January. So atleast this time the event will go on for a bit, so that people that don't have that much time to play the game can enjoy this GUild Wars 2 event.
My guess is also that ArenaNet will produce a fantastic event this time and learn from their misstakes from past event (The Halloween Event and The Lost Shores)

Wintersday Guild Wars 2 Event - What will be the new Candy Corn?

Here comes one thing about the event that we know, there will be Toys.
You can read this on the offical Guild Wars 2 homepage:
While each race celebrates Wintersday in their own unique way, children all over Tyria share a common love of one thing: toys.

What kind of toys you may ask, we don't know, only arenanet knows that right now. Mabey there will be toys you can craft with the help of any of the crafting professions in the game, or mabey even you can craft your own minis and mini-pets?
On other thing about the Winters day event that we can be also sure about is that there will be new recipes in the cooking profession, we all know how important Candy and Food are on Christmas. So be prepared and make sure you buy food ingredients before the event start, because my guess is that those will sky rocket in price on the Trading Post. Just think christmas food, cinnamon, chocolate, christmas spices.

What do you guys think will happen on the Wintersday event? What are your expectations? And what are you investing in on the Trading post before the event? What will be the new candy corn?

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