Guild Wars 2 Thief Gameplay & Builds

One of the best ways of improving your gameplay and play style in Guild Wars 2 is learning from the best, checking out other peoples videos and see how they play the game and how there builds and traits looks like. I'm going to show you some epic thief game play and Guild Wars 2 Thief builds that's going to help you dominate in sPVP, PVE and PVE. I'm starting with a Double daggers Thief Build made for PVP in tournaments and sPVP in general.

Guild Wars 2 Double Daggers Thief sPvP Build with amazing Crits


Guild Wars 2 Thief Builds for Both PVP & PVE

Having the right skills, traits and weapons as the Thief is one of the most important parts if you want to be better playing as the Thief, it's important that you have skills that suits your game style, whether you want to play more defensive, support your team or if you want to deal huge damage, it's all about using the right builds for your Thief. Down below I included a link to a list of video guides that talks about different Guild Wars 2 Thief Builds, perfect for anyone who want to improve their sPVP gameplay. You can either copy these builds right off and start using them or you can watch these videos and take hints and tips from them and let the pros of this game teach you a thing or two.

Guild Wars 2 Thief Builds for Pros and New Players

Guild wars 2 - Self healing Thief build

This build for the Thief have just amazing survivability and  a lot of healing, check out this video and follow the steps on how to build this build for your own Thief.

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