Guild Wars 2 Winters Day Event - Preparations & Expectation

Guild Wars 2 WintersDay

Christmas is coming now in december and christmas is also coming to the world of Tyria, or atleast the wintersday event is coming to Guild Wars 2. We don't know alot about this event but what we do know is that the event will start on the 14th december and continue to the 3rd of January. So atleast this time the event will go on for a bit, so that people that don't have that much time to play the game can enjoy this GUild Wars 2 event.
My guess is also that ArenaNet will produce a fantastic event this time and learn from their misstakes from past event (The Halloween Event and The Lost Shores)

Wintersday Guild Wars 2 Event - What will be the new Candy Corn?

Here comes one thing about the event that we know, there will be Toys.
You can read this on the offical Guild Wars 2 homepage:
While each race celebrates Wintersday in their own unique way, children all over Tyria share a common love of one thing: toys.

What kind of toys you may ask, we don't know, only arenanet knows that right now. Mabey there will be toys you can craft with the help of any of the crafting professions in the game, or mabey even you can craft your own minis and mini-pets?
On other thing about the Winters day event that we can be also sure about is that there will be new recipes in the cooking profession, we all know how important Candy and Food are on Christmas. So be prepared and make sure you buy food ingredients before the event start, because my guess is that those will sky rocket in price on the Trading Post. Just think christmas food, cinnamon, chocolate, christmas spices.

What do you guys think will happen on the Wintersday event? What are your expectations? And what are you investing in on the Trading post before the event? What will be the new candy corn?


Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PVP Videos

GW2 - Mesmer PVP Action and Guides

The mesmer is one of the hardest classes to master in Guild Wars 2, but it's also one of the most powerfull professions in the game, so trust me, learning to play the mesmer properly in pvp is so worth it because it's one of the best PVP experience you will ever get. All I can say is, get ready to own!
On this page I will show you some epic Mesmer PvP gameplay, some great mesmer players owning it big time. And keep your eyes opened because watching other peoples gameplay is one of the best ways of learning how to play a specific class in Guild Wars 2. And most of the videos down below do a great job explaining why and how they play with their Mesmer, the videos are both educational and a lot of fun to watch, so let's get ready for some amazing Guild Wars 2 PVP. 
(I'm not the creator or owner of any of the videos down below, I'm just a fan of them)

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP - Phantasm Duelist Build Commentary

We start off with a commentary video with a Phantasm Duelist PVP Build, the build isn't 100% up-to-date with all the latest patches and nerfs but the guide is still good and really entertaining to watch.

Mesmer PvP Montage by BringYourFriends

This video is simply a montage of epic gameplay with the mesmer in PVP, it's no commentary so you might not learn a lot but you will still see some nice kills and maybe get motivated to start your own Mesmer or improve your game style and get as good as this. Great Action and great music!

Shatter Mesmer PvP - Guide and Commentary

Here's another great video about using a Shatter Mesmer Build, the video is about 20 minutes long so it's a heavy video in many ways, but you get a lot of great info and advice in those 20 minutes. He also shares his build in the video description so you get play the build he uses in the video if you want to do that. Highly recommended video if you want to improve and get more serious about your Mesmer Gameplay and PVP.

More Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Builds

If you want to get better in PVP with your Mesmer it's important to have a good and solid build. If you don't have a good build it doesn't matter how good you are at the game, you will still get beat down by those who have both a great build and can master the game. It's also important that you don't just copy and build out there, instead you should see ready made build as a source of inspiration, because we all play Guild Wars 2 differently, so don't adapt your game style to a ready build, instead adapt a ready Mesmer Build with your game style, making it your own, maybe replace a few skills or traits, swap a weapon, replace a rune or any other change, it doesn't have to be any major change. My best advice would be to take a ready build that you find online (you can find a handful of great builds for the Mesmer over here Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Builds PVP & PVE) play with the premade build a few PVP matches and take notes what works with that build and what doesn't work for you. Then just tweak the build until it suits you perfectly. Like I said before it doesn't have to be any big changes but some changes is always needed, because we all play this game differently. Good luck and happy hunting!


Guild Wars 2 Mini-Pets in Lost Shores

There's been a lot of amazing updates in Guild Wars 2 in november, not only was the Lost Shores event weekend just amazing. The event also affected the world itself, which is just awesome. But there's also a bunch of new items and skins out on the Training post after the update, and it has really stur up the market if you ask me. But the absolute favorite of mine is the new and fantastic miniatures that came with the Lost Shores, there's 3 new mini-pets.

It's the Mini Karka

Mini Karka

And the Mini Karka Hatchlings

Mini Karka Hatchlings

And then there's the Mini Reef Drake, this one is my favourite by far! I'm actually trying to get my hands on this bad boy right now, but it's hard man, it's really hard.

Mini Reef Drake

Which is your favourite Guild Wars 2 mini-pet? It doesn't have to be any of the Lost Shores miniatures, leave a comment down below! My absolute favourite is the Polar bear, it's simple, cute and fantastic! I actually own 6 of these, I don't know why. LOL
If your interested in learn how to get free minis for free you should check out this guide. How to Obtain Free GW2 Minis


Guild Wars 2 Leveling & Experience Guide

Experience in Guild Wars 2

I've talk to a lot of gamers that says that they level up so slowly in guild wars 2 and so of them complains a lot about that aspect of the game.First and foremost, I would like to ask everyone to simply chill, there's no reason to rush to end level (level 80) because the game does not have a specific end game like many other MMORPGs have (for example World of Warcraft). You will enjoy the game much more if you take the time to look around and explore this fantastic game world. This is also how you get experience. Those who think that they get too little are usually the ones who just runs from heart to heart and maybe do a few events here and there, then feel that they should be able to go into the next area. It does not work that way!
I will list down below what will give you experience in Guild Wars 2 to help you understand how experience in GW2 works.

Killing monsters in Guild Wars 2  
This gives the least amount of experience, with one exception which I will take up later in the list.
Renown Hearts -  Heart Quests
These are the static assignment zones that give you a couple of different things to do to fill a meter. "Kill X, get Y, find N and give me Z" can be about what is in the upper right corner. Do not look at them as something you need to quickly run and to finish, they last forever and are usually automatically completed when you do an event nearby. When you complete a heart, you can always go and talk to the person you helped, they get karma vendors and you can buy some fun trinkets / recipes / weapons / equipment parts in them.

Dynamic and Meta Events
The large main focus in PvE, what makes the world a little more alive. These pop up here and there and you can find them on your map or mini map if your near enough. Many of the events are part of a event chain, I would really recommend you to stay after you finished an event, most of them leading to several new events within a minute. The events are also always great experience.
World versus World
You level up just fine in this PvP battleground. There's so much you can do here to get experience, join a huge zerg (large group of players) and take down a keep, or join a smaller group and take down some supply camps, everything is great experience and there's also so awesome loot to be found here.
These pop up about every tenth level, starting at level 30 (and with three at lvl 80, max level). Everyone has a story mode (easier) and an explorer mode (harder, and with three choices). With eight dungeons and four different "versions" of each, there is a lot to do here!
Personal Story  
The choices you make during character creation affect the personal story you will be playing and the whole gives a great bunch of experience.
Crafting gives a great bunch of experience, especially if you use the experimentation function with your materials. 
Collecting all kinds of materials provides experience.
Daily Achievements - Every day you can get an extra amount of experience boost, plus an exciting extra thing if you can handle the daily challenge located at the top in the achievement list.
Exploring - Finding new zones, waypoints, points of interests, vistas and other gives a fairly large amount of experience. It can also run on hidden jumping puzzles that provide a achievement at the end (and thus exp). You can also find enemies who lived long, and the thing is that the longer a creature was alive, the more exp you get for killing it. So it is clearly worthwhile to not only follow the beaten paths! 

Trading in Guild Wars 2

Trading in Guild Wars 2

Trading directly between the players in Guild wars 2 do not really exist. The idea is that everything should be handled by the so called Trading Post, which caused quite a bit of trouble in the land of Tyria when the Trading Post simply did not work at all during the first week. It's online now but there's still a few problems with it now and then, but most of the bartering problems should be over by now. If you want to sell something to a friend and not have to go through the Trading Post the best way is to do it via the mail system. However, there is no security there, but you can only hope that your friend is not stealing your item without paying. I hope that ArenaNet realize that a COD system (cash on delivery), which requires that you pay to pick up his package is something that only enhances safety and that it would be a great addition to the Trading Post. But keep in mind that the Trading Post takes a fee of 15% when you sell items, and that can make selling items really expensive in the long run. If you want to learn more on how to make gold on the Trading Post by selling and buying items you should check out this gudie over here

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide – Make Gold using the Trading Post

Guild Wars 2 gold guide




How to get Guild Wars 2 For Free

Guild Wars 2 - The Unique & Flawed Diamond.

Guild Wars 2 isn't like MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or SWTOR (eventho, swtor is going for the semi-free model that LOTRO uses) where you got to pay a monthly fee in order to play the game, in the guild wars 2 world there's no such thing as a monthly fee or a subscription, it's like any other video game that you buy for your console, you buy it and that's it, but it's possible to get more stuff and content if you pay, in console gaming that is DLC packs, but in Guild Wars 2 they have a gem store that's filled with fancy things like cosmetic items and boosts that you can buy for gem (which is obtained with real money) This makes GW2 a unique MMO, there's not many games in the genre that has this much content and updates and still don't have a monthly fee.

How to get a free copy of Guild Wars 2 

But what if your super poor, like many of the gamers of today? Paying $60+ is a lot of money if you ask me, and if your not sure if you're going to play this game that much and just want to try it, then $60 is a lot for a PC game. But there's way of by-passing this. I myself got a copy of guild wars 2 and a copy to my girlfriend using a simple and fantastic site called Points2Shop, this site let's you earn rewards by doing simple task. You can find a guide that talk about everything you need to know about getting Guild Wars 2 for free, you can find it over here: How to Get a Copy of Guild Wars 2 For free

What ells is unique for Guild Wars 2 as a MMORPG?

So what ells make Guild Wars 2 unique from all the other MMORPGs aside from that the game has no monthly fee. The whole game is more focused on having fun and a great time exploring the huge world of Tyria then having to grind for gear, the gear in GW2 isn't that important, and in later parts of the game (end-level) it's more about having items that look good then having items that will kill your enemies in one hit (like in WOW) Not everyone thinks this is a good thing, but for me as a gamer that don't have time to grind for hours and hours each day in order to have a decent change in PVE & PVP.

The PVP in Guild Wars 2

Let's compare PVP in Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft for example. In WoW you need to grind for hours and hours in order to get some good PVP gear so you can have some fun inside the battleground, and in Guild Wars 2 there's so much different, in Guild Wars 2 everyone has access to the best PVP gear and instantly gets the max level, so everyone has the same starting point but of course you can customize your character so it suits your play style and tactics, This makes the whole game about skill and not gear. So is this a good or bad thing? For me it's a good thing but I can imagen not everyone thinks like me, but at least we have a new MMORPG that dears to be different to all the World of Warcraft clones out there.

Guild Wars 2 Thief Gameplay & Builds

One of the best ways of improving your gameplay and play style in Guild Wars 2 is learning from the best, checking out other peoples videos and see how they play the game and how there builds and traits looks like. I'm going to show you some epic thief game play and Guild Wars 2 Thief builds that's going to help you dominate in sPVP, PVE and PVE. I'm starting with a Double daggers Thief Build made for PVP in tournaments and sPVP in general.

Guild Wars 2 Double Daggers Thief sPvP Build with amazing Crits


Guild Wars 2 Thief Builds for Both PVP & PVE

Having the right skills, traits and weapons as the Thief is one of the most important parts if you want to be better playing as the Thief, it's important that you have skills that suits your game style, whether you want to play more defensive, support your team or if you want to deal huge damage, it's all about using the right builds for your Thief. Down below I included a link to a list of video guides that talks about different Guild Wars 2 Thief Builds, perfect for anyone who want to improve their sPVP gameplay. You can either copy these builds right off and start using them or you can watch these videos and take hints and tips from them and let the pros of this game teach you a thing or two.

Guild Wars 2 Thief Builds for Pros and New Players

Guild wars 2 - Self healing Thief build

This build for the Thief have just amazing survivability and  a lot of healing, check out this video and follow the steps on how to build this build for your own Thief.