Guild Wars 2 Mini-Pets in Lost Shores

There's been a lot of amazing updates in Guild Wars 2 in november, not only was the Lost Shores event weekend just amazing. The event also affected the world itself, which is just awesome. But there's also a bunch of new items and skins out on the Training post after the update, and it has really stur up the market if you ask me. But the absolute favorite of mine is the new and fantastic miniatures that came with the Lost Shores, there's 3 new mini-pets.

It's the Mini Karka

Mini Karka

And the Mini Karka Hatchlings

Mini Karka Hatchlings

And then there's the Mini Reef Drake, this one is my favourite by far! I'm actually trying to get my hands on this bad boy right now, but it's hard man, it's really hard.

Mini Reef Drake

Which is your favourite Guild Wars 2 mini-pet? It doesn't have to be any of the Lost Shores miniatures, leave a comment down below! My absolute favourite is the Polar bear, it's simple, cute and fantastic! I actually own 6 of these, I don't know why. LOL
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